What is Acusine?

How It Works

For many decades in Europe, the ingredients of Acusine have proven to be very effective against a wide variety of sinus symptoms. Acusine is an all-natural alternative to most common nasal sprays and it is the strongest homeopathic nasal spray in America. The initial mild burning sensation is temporary and harmless, but activates and opens the nasal passages.

Acusine's ingredients include some of the following plants to help alleviate particular symptoms:

Hydrastis canadensis 4x - Inflammation of the mucous membranes; discharge

Ephedra vulgaris 3x - Breathing difficulty; headaches

Lycopodium clavatum 3x - Nasal congestion; runny nose

Mezereum 3x - Sneezing

Petroleum 8x - Nostril ulceration; cracked nostrils; burning sensation

Pulsatilla 3x - Coryza; yellow mucus

Thuja occidentalis 10x - Chronic catarrh; green mucus

Why You Should Choose Acusine

Get Balanced Relief

Acusine Nasal Spray is an effective homeopathic combination medicine that uses all-natural ingredients to get you back to your everyday activities with ease. We know that quality, consistency, and effectiveness are important. When you choose Acusine, you’re choosing a safe, all-natural nasal spray that is formulated and tested to give you the relief you need. Unlike many other nasal sprays on the market, Acusine does not contain steroids, will not dry out your nose, cause drowsiness, or cause addiction - even with long-term use. There are no unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you stop using Acusine.

With balanced relief,  Acusine Nasal Spray can have you back on the go for all of life’s important moments - indoor or out.

About Homeopathy

The Holistic Approach to Wellness

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that uses natural ingredients from plants, minerals, and animals in very small doses to encourage the body to rebalance itself using its own mechanisms. Ingredients are selected based on their ability to reproduce the person’s symptoms. Since symptoms are actually the body’s attempt to regain balance and control, Homeopathic remedies are formulated to stimulate these symptoms. This reinforces the body’s natural defenses against a particular ailment and ultimately returns the body to a state of equilibrium.